Audio Scripture Ministries

There will never be enough missionaries to reach the approximately 500 million non-readers across the globe who still have not heard the Word of God. But what if, for a minimal cost, you could give an entire extended family the gift of hearing the Bible in their heart language?

Audio Scripture Ministries is committed to providing the Bible in audio that all might have the opportunity to hear God’s Word in their own language.

Our commitment to the Great Commission directs us to serve others as we:

  • Partner with churches, ministries, and individuals toward creating and distributing audio Scripture media to communicate the Good News of Jesus.
  • Facilitate production of audio recordings of the Bible in each language needed by people groups around the world.
  • Distribute, either directly or through other ministries, suitably formatted Scripture recordings among both non-Christians and Christians, whether living in their homelands or elsewhere.
  • Encourage and assist the development of projects for audio Scripture recording and/or distribution by indigenous and other ministries.

By recording Scripture and distributing audio Bibles and training technicians to do the same, Audio Scripture Ministries plays a crucial role in spreading the Gospel to the nations. Audio Bibles are fully portable. They never die, go on vacation, retire, or get kicked out of the country. They reliably provide God’s Word in a way that engages everyone, from members of non-literate cultures halfway across the world to immigrants and the visually impaired right here in the United States.

Nearly one billion people worldwide can’t study the Word of God because they can’t read. This is especially true in Mozambique, where 43.9% of the population is illiterate. Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) has stepped in to help fill this gap by recording the Scriptures in local languages and distributing thousands of audio Bibles. ASM operates out of its recording and training studio in Xai-Xai in southern Mozambique. They also operate out of Chimoio in the central region of the country.

In addition, ASM works with the first palliative care project in the country. This project aims to provide a higher quality of life to children suffering from AIDS and other terminal diseases through comfort care and the use of Audio Scripture materials.

A recent challenge facing this area of ministry has been the rise of political unrest. Between episodes of violence and unpredictable roadblocks, this unrest has made it nearly impossible to safely reach many areas of the country. Sergio, one of the national colleagues, recently made a trip by plane to the north, since it was too dangerous to make the trip by land. He was met with an incredible desire for the Bible in audio and was unable to provide enough players for all those who came seeking. He shared, “Another pastor who was with us distributing audio players the previous day came again and said: ‘my father is a Sheikh, Muslim Leader; but when I arrived home, he heard me listening to my audio Bible and asked me to give it to him, so I did, that’s why I came here again for one more. Muslims are losing their focus nowadays, and many are turning to know more about God.'”

The people are hungry to hear God’s word! With your help, we can build on these successes and spread the Gospel further in Africa.

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