Christie VanKuiken

Christy VankuikenMy name is Christie Van Kuiken. I grew up on the west side of Grand Rapids and I am a member of Westend C.R.C. Through the in-depth study of God’s word at Bible Study Fellowship, and the realization of all God had done for me in saving me, I heard and responded to God’s call in 2010 to be a missionary with the Rafiki Foundation. The mission of Rafiki is to help Africans know God and to raise their standard of living. Rafiki has training villages in ten different African countries.
I serve in the country of Liberia and am responsible for running our teacher training program, called the Rafiki Insıtute of Classical Education (RICE), which is a computer-based training program. Every morning we start our day studying God’s word. Many students have never had the opportunity to parıcipate in a Bible Study. Students have expressed how it has taught them to look up scripture in the Bible, to pray, and to know God personally. Through this program we hope to equip many men and women to be Chrisıan Classical teachers of grades Preschool – 6th grade and impact the education system in Liberia.
In addition to overseeing the RICE program I also do the bookkeeping and payroll for our village and am involved with holiday and after-school activities with our resident children. It is a privilege to serve God in this way and I thank you for joining with me to serve God in Africa.
Christie VanKuiken
P.O. Box 1742
Monrovia, Liberia
West Africa