Dan & Jeananne Kuiper

Dan and Jeananne KuiperI was ordained to the ministry to be a missionary in Mexico in March 1981 inHighland Hills CRC which is now Westend CRC. We served with indigenous Mexicans in Chiapas for 3 years and taught at the Juan Calvino Seminary in Mexico
City for 8 years. Aıer that we taught and planted a church in the US. In 2002 Jeananne and I returned to mission service with CRWM in Mexico. I have been teaching in Juarez, Mexico, which is a sister city to El Paso, Texas, for the past 14 years. I teach in two seminaries, the All Nations Seminary and the San Pablo Seminary. We have four grown children: Daniel, Seth, Paul and Jennifer.

All Naıons Seminary (ANS) was founded by a Korean CRC in Los Angeles in 1999. When we came to teach, it was a small Bible institute. Over the years the seminary has developed and progressed. In May of 2016, 78 students graduated as ministers, evangelists and missionaries. This year we began a new officially recognized 4 year bachelor program in conjunction with Universidad Madero. New students can receive their divinity degree which is also recognized as a college degree in theology. This advancement will give graduates a major opportunity to serve the Lord in schools, chaplaincies, counseling and other areas as well as specific ministries in the local church.

We are grateful to the Lord for His blessing and faithfulness through the years. I count it a privilege to be able to contribute to this significant Chrisıan training seminary. Presently, my efforts are concentrated in teaching Reformed theology. I teach the full spectrum of Systematic Theology. I also teach Greek and New Testament. The ANS has 55 full-time resident students. Additionally, 90 believers are preparing themselves for ministry through the on-line program. Finally, we have 45 adult learners attending Saturday Seminary in both Juarez and El Paso.

The San Pablo Seminary (SPS) is the official seminary of the Presbyterian Presbytery of Chihuahua Mexico. SPS recently celebrated its 16th anniversary. There are presently 8 students studying in the fourth year. SPS has been a tremendous blessing to the presbytery and to other independent churches of Reformed persuasion. Sixty percent of the pastors in the presbytery graduated from SPS. This year SPS will conclude its program of night classes, three times a week. The pastors and faculty of the seminary are diligently seeking the Lord’s guidance as to the next step. Possibilities include modular classes, Saturday classes, and on-site classes. Prayer is needed for direction.

In His service,
Rev. Dan and Jeananne Kuiper