Hands in Mission

Hands In Mission is a non-profit charity based out of Grand Rapids that works mainly in Honduras, but has also done work in Nicaragua. We have built homes, churches, and classrooms after hurricanes devastated their land. We provide funding for food, medical attention, and education for many children. While the primary work of HIM is construction projects, we have led pastors in workshops and biblical training, helped in medical clinics, provided Bibles and school supplies for children, and water filters for clean drinking water. HIM takes teams of adults to Honduras and works with local pastors building relationships and constructing churches, a medical clinic, feeding centers, and homes.

God has led us to be a part of this ministry for the last 12 years, encouraging our children and some church members to join us as we serve our dear friends in Honduras. The people we serve have not only become dear friends, but part of our forever family.



  • Honduras is the most dangerous country in the world and this means constant prayers not only while we are down there but also for our friends who live each day not knowing if they will return home at the end of the day. The language barrier is challenging at times, and so is the locale…(driving long distances to the projects/hotels).


  • Taking care of the children and widows, feeding the poor, seeing photographs of kids being baptized, meeting new members of our forever family!!
  • We don’t have a construction project lined up for next year (we are trying to get back to the every other year cycle), but we might possibly do
    another pastor’s conference along with a “maintenance team” going down to help with repairs.
  • If any of you are interested in being part of a future team, please see Dawn or Clutch Holtvluwer and we will add your name to our potential
    list of team members.
  • We feel God is using us to bring hope to these precious people, but so often we come home feeling more blessed for going to Honduras.

“I’m no longer a slave to fear, I am a child of God!”