Nancy TenBroek

Serving with World Renew in Bangladesh and India as Senior Program Consultant.

Nancy worked for the Peace Corps in Kenya for three years in the 1980s. She also worked in New Hampshire and in Grand Rapids in rehabilitation centers as an OT. She started with World Renew in 1987 as a field staff in a directly implemented project. She now consults with assigned
partners in Bangladesh and India.

Her overall focus is primarily rural community development and helping partners carry out these programs in communities. My specialty area is health and I consult with the numerous health programs World Renew has in Bangladesh, India and other countries in Asia and elsewhere (as possible).

She works to help partners develop their organizational capacity and work in communities. This includes working with Embrace Aids programs, community development programs, and health and community development programs. Much of her work also involves training, which she loves to do. They work on the values formation in all they do. They work with local community groups and churches, as possible.

Fun fact: She was one of the first women in Bangladesh to drive a motorcycle (though some say a Honda 50 step-through isn’t really a motorcycle!). Wearing a sari and driving a motorcycle was a spectacle. In the early days she caused many bicycle riders to fall in to ditches as they turned around to see if they really did see a woman driving!! It is more common now, and she doesn’t drive as much but it sıll seems to be a special event with many staring in disbelief.