Pastor Search


Our History

Westend was formed in 1991 with the consolidation of two congregations: Alpine CRC and Highland Hills CRC. Our first pastor, Rev. Henry Admiraal, was called in 1992 and served our congregation until his retirement in 2012. Our second pastor, Rev. Jeremy Kreuze, served us until September, 2016, when he accepted a call from Fairhaven Reformed Church.

In 2012, we participated in the Healthy Church Initiative, and the congregation embraced a fresh vision. It was exciting to see how the church responded to the proposed initiatives.

Our Location

Westend is located in Northwest Grand Rapids. We are just a few minutes away from the growing downtown metro area.

Who We Are

We are a multi-generational congregation with about 350 active members and have welcomed many new young families in recent years.

We are passionate about:

  • Worship
  • Compassion and care for those in need
  • Families, children, and youth
  • Outreach and Missions
  • Service
  • Christian Education

We believe that some of our strengths and gifts as a congregation include:

  • Engaging in meaningful worship and praise
  • Reaching out and welcoming visitors
  • Demonstrating compassion
  • Being open to change when the reasons are explained and understood.

For more information about our congregation, please check out the Church Profile.

Our Next Pastor

We are looking for someone who has a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ and who will provide spiritual, pastoral, and visionary leadership for our congregation.

Spiritual: Since worship is an important part of who we are as Christians, our pastor needs to passionately share God’s Word with us while giving us practical challenges for our daily lives. We desire messages with visual aids and contemporary language that appeal to both our hearts and minds and propel us to action.

Pastoral:   It is important for the pastor to be able to relate to all ages and to engage in the life of Westend Church. We also need a pastor who will equip, encourage and assist the Elders in their pastoral work.

Visionary: It is important for our pastor to be able to lead the congregation into the future and work with the Council to look ahead to where God is leading us.

For more information about qualifications and responsibilities, please check out the Pastor Job Description.

Is God calling you to Westend?

If you are interested in applying to be the pastor at Westend, please send the following items to the Search Committee at

  1. Your Resume’
  2. A Cover Letter briefly introducing yourself to us, sharing why you are interested in serving at Westend Church, and describing your style of sharing God’s Word from the pulpit.

If you would like more information about our congregation than is on our website, please email June Atsma at the above email address, and we will send you more detailed information about our congregation.



Church Profile



Job Description

I.  Scope of the Position:

  1. The Pastor provides spiritual, pastoral, and visionary leadership for the congregation in coordination and collaboration with the Council and the Administrative Board

II.  Qualified Individuals will:

  1. Be or will become ordained in the CRCNA or the RCA.
  2. Have a vibrant relationship with Jesus Christ.
  3. Have strong pastoral and preaching abilities.
  4. Be able to lead the congregation by example and by setting forth a vision.
  5. Be able to energize and equip members to lead others to a relationship with Christ.
  6. Be able to work well with other staff.

III.  Responsibilities Include:

  1. Be devoted to the ministry of prayer on behalf of the church as a whole and the individual members.
  2. Diligently prepare and passionately preach sermons that will instruct, comfort and challenge the congregation in their Christian life.  The number of sermons to be preached per year will be finalized in the offer made to the pastor.
  3. Be involved, along with the Worship Planning Team, in worship planning and worship leadership.
  4. Meet with the Ministry Coordination Committee.  Work closely with the individual ministry directors, encouraging them in the carrying out of their responsibilities.
  5. Encourage and/or assist the elders in the fulfillment of their pastoral responsibilities.
  6. Conduct weddings and funerals as requested by members of the congregation.
  7. Periodically arrange and/or lead classes designed to prepare people to make profession of their faith
  8. Meets at least twice a year with the deaconate.
  9. Serve on the Personnel Team as outlined in the policy section labeled Personnel Team.
  10. Represent our congregation at meetings of classis.
  11. Adhere to the Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan of Westend Church.

IV.  Reporting & Organizational Relationships Include:

  1. Reports to and meets with the Administrative Board to review the work being done and needing to be done.
  2. Reports to the elders whatever calls are made of a pastoral or discipline nature.
  3. Is a member of the Council and Administrative Board.
  4. Performance to be evaluated by the Personnel Team. More frequent meetings can be assembled upon request of the employee, Personnel Team, or Administrative Board.

V.  Compensation

  1. Salary and other compensation are set by the Administrative Board (with Council and Congregational approval).