HIS Place

Grand Rapids, MI

HIS PLACE is a Christian Community Development Organization that prioritizes ministering through Word and Deed by meeting the needs of people at various points in life. These points range from professionals, ministry leadership students, men, women, unemployed, and at risk
community members. For example, a person in need of employment would receive mentoring through discussing pre-job skill training, personal hygiene, professional conduct, and other basics. HIS PLACE believes in the benefit of an ownership based community rather than a
consumer based community and enforces such by mentoring in budgeting, home maintenance, and basic upkeep. HIS PLACE also meets
with mentees coming from prison and drug rehabilitation programs to help them transition into a life of sustainable change with Jesus as their foundation.

As a relationship based ministry, HIS PLACE focuses on relationship rather than programs. This model allows the ministry to be able to meet each person it contacts at their point of need. HIS PLACE programs consist of flexible Bible studies, open dinners, and social nights with small groups or one on one. This model ensures a safe place for needs to be shared and the ability to encourage and support each other within the HIS PLACE faith community. HIS PLACE does not measure success by quantity or a specific outcome but by opportunities to share Christ’s love by listening and representing the Gospel through relationship.